Que significa minar bitcoins

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Que significa minar bitcoins

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The end of SEO, powered by Google

The end of SEO, powered by Google

So you have just launched your fancy new Web2.0 site, you are sitting on a brand new domain, you have no history to speak off, no links to your site, no one talking about you on blogs, and you have absolutely no traffic. That’s when you figure it out! You need to be at the top of Google when people search for ‘red widgets’.

powered by googleBut you have a little problem see, a couple hundred thousand other people also had the exact same idea, only they had it years ago. So now you’re at the back of that cue and there are no prizes for last place in this game.

Never fear, while Google penalize new domains for important search terms for two years, in the mean time they offer a solution called Adwords. You can pay them a few bucks a click to get featured at the top next to others who also bid for a spot in the paid listings. If you have enough cash you’re laughing. You can simply pay to get your advert in the search results AND on all related sites where others can share the profits with Google.

This system is almost perfect but there has been one little thorn annoying Google for a few years, it’s these people calling themselves SEO’s. They claim they can game the SERP’s (results) thus getting companies to the top. Google have been fighting a war on this front for years and with this latest update it looks like they have finally cracked it.

In the previous to last update we saw the Google hammer come down on paid links, Google reduced the Page Rank and trust of sites offering paid links which were skewing the organic results. In this update we have seen the effectiveness of normal SEO ‘tricks’ officially scuppered. There are no secrets anymore, even Google know how the tricks were done and they are not laughing!

The End Of SEO

This new algorithm changes everything, effectively casting the professional SEO agencies out of business. Google have studied the art carefully and now add penalties to anyone they find who they consider are optimized too professionally. Now there are hundreds of little alarm bells built into the algorithm which automatically applies penalties to a site if they consider it to be trying too hard.

Game Set And Match

In the future if a site wants traffic they will have four choices:

1) Google paid listings on search

2) Google paid listings on similar sites

3) Paid listings with others

4) Buy the competition

Online Advertising – The Future Is Electric

This means it is going to be a bumper year for Google and others in the online advertising market with inventory to sell who will be able to exploit that now more effectively than ever before!

apt-get install Google Electric…

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